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Jonathan Blain’s

Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief - Secret Formula Seminar

The Course for Maximum Job Hunting and Career Success and Happiness

Get the Powerful Life and Career Changing Knowledge That You Need, to Solve Your Job Hunting and Career Problems, and Achieve the Breakthrough, Success and Happiness You Deserve


  • What are the “Secret Formula?” They are the methods, formulas and knowledge, on which success is based, that is only known by a few, and that will help you to solve your problems FASTER and achieve greater SUCCESS.
  • What is Jonathan Blain’s “Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief Secret Formula Revealed Course”? It is knowledge, packaged into bite sized chunks, that gives you power and leverage to solve job hunting and career problems, and turn frustration, worry and stress, into success and happiness. It’s the truth that you can use, to change from what you are doing now, to what you need to do to gets results.
  • What can it do for you? In short, it can help you to solve your job hunting and career problems FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVELY. You’ll know how to CHANGE YOUR CURRENT STATUS QUO, you’ll get to see your life and career in a new light, and will see that far more things are within your control that you could ever imagine. ACHIEVE a BREAKTHROUGH; discover how to make the shift that changes everything, which opens possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. Learn how being an Opportunity Seeker makes you just like everyone else and how you need to become a Strategic Job Hunter and manage your career strategically. Discover how to be different and Get a Job, Get Your Career Back on Track and Transform your career and your life – faster and better than you ever thought possible. (And a whole lot more.)
  • Will this work for me? This course is designed to give anyone leverage, no matter whether they are senior or junior, old or young, in any sector, role, industry or profession and at any stage in their career. The principles are the same whether you are CEO of a Major PLC or someone just starting out. It allows you to focus on ONLY the things that will work best for you, whoever you are, whatever your circumstances. You will see that everyone is different, and you need to take a pick and mix approach, which puts you in control, and enables you to hit your SWEET SPOT, where everything becomes easier and you can achieve maximum success.
  • Why is this different? “Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief Secrets Course” isn’t just a “Job Hunting and Career Tactics Course.” Or just a “Job Hunting and Career Strategy” course. Its ground breaking new thinking, new ideas and a new approach, based on the reality of the world today. It is thought leadership and innovation in Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving; that will give you the leverage you need, to overhaul EVERY area of your Job Hunting and Career Management that needs overhauling, so that you can achieve the results you want and need. It takes Job Hunting and Career Problem to the Highest Level.  It’s essentially 10 courses all rolled into one.
  • After Completing  the Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief Secrets Course, you’ll know how knowledge is power and how to change, be different, be competitive, play to win and actually win, and how doing only the things that stand the greatest chance of working for you is the intelligent thing to do.

At the moment the course is only available to a select few, If you are interested in the course please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and tell me about your situation and hopes and dreams for the future.

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